Hanne Fineliner tutorial


Super fine liner!

Sharp crisp and super fine, that’s the eyeliner you want. This tutorial by Hanne shows you how to achieve your everyday eyeliner look, but with a bold blue twist. Hanne is one of the finalists from the Dutch TV program Make-up Cup and is known for her creative and detailed make-up looks. She is involved with Create it! to give you the best tutorials, tips, and tricks to upgrade your make-up game, so you can always look your best!

1. Start off your look with a base colour, this is our holographic silver blue. You apply this all over your lid and into the crease.
2. Use a thin brush to add a pop colour eyeshadow close to your lash line. It’s best if this is a contrasting colour to the eyeliner you will later apply.
3. Slightly blend the pop colour eyeshadow that you just applied into the colour of the rest of your eyelid. The result should look something like this.
4. Now is the time to grab your eyeliner! Very lightly, make a thin line from the corner of your eye that leads towards the tip of your eyebrow. (don’t connect them). This will be your guideline.
5. From the line you just created, draw another one towards 1/3rd of your eyelid. Tip: do this very lightly first so that if it’s not fully straight you can go over it again and make it crisp and straight with your second trace.
6. Fill in the lines and retrace your lines to make the colour even bolder.
7. Add some eyeliner pencil in the corner of your water line. This will make your eye look sleeker and longer.
8. Add mascara.
9. Add a bit of blush
10. Add your favourite lip-gloss, and you’re done! Enjoy your super fine eyeliner!