Make video’s like a pro!

Want to make the best TikTok and Instagram videos? This is how you do that! Create it! has 2 video maker sets, a pro and a normal. With the ring light and phone holder, you will always have the best light and steady camera for all your video’s. In this tutorial we teach you all the tricks there are to set up for a perfect video.

*The model of the video maker can differ from the pictures.



Start by selecting a good light space with the background you want. Place your video maker and set it up, attach the USB to power, and you are good to go.
Place the ring light slightly higher than the high of your face when you’re recording. You probably wonder why this position? Natural light always falls from above, and with this ring light we replace that with a fixed light source.
Attach your phone to the Video Maker (Pro) and check if you are centred in the video. Just record a little and really move around in the set you created. Check the video, and you can see to where you can move around in the video before you go out of the camera.
If you are recording with 2 people, make sure that both of you are visible on the camera. Unless you want to steal the show.
Do a final check of your hair, cloths, set and if you have everything you need for your video. Yes? You got everything? Then let me say this: ready, camera action!